By the lake in Burlington

A visit to Paletta Lakefront Park

We spent some time yesterday at Paletta Lakefront Park in Burlington, Ontario. It’s a great little park that includes a historic mansion used for weddings, banquets, and other events.

The mansion is beautiful but it isn’t the attraction for us. We like the park because it’s scenic and peaceful, and a cool breeze blows in off Lake Ontario on a hot day. Sitting in the shade, enjoying the breeze, hiking the trails, and taking pictures is a great way to spend part of a summer day.

A little stream called “Shoreacres Creek” runs through the property and provides much of the beauty that I tried to capture in these pictures.

View of Hamilton in the distance
Bridge over Shoreacres Creek
Shoreacres Creek
View across Lake Ontario
Hamilton in the distance
Shoreacres Creek

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